1% Better Everyday

You see, from a young age, society programs your mind for failure…

They tell you to focus on making massive leaps in your growth.

“Go hard every single day”

This sounds like good advice on the surface…

…But in the long run it’s unrealistic thinking.

…As a result it warps your idea of what it actually takes to accomplish your goals.

What’s actually going to bridge the gap to your success is getting 1% better…




Think about this.

Even if you lost 1lb of fat per week…

Or you made an extra $5k in your business per month..

Or squeezed out that extra rep at the gym that you told yourself you couldn’t…

…Imagine how far you’d be 6 months down the line.

You’d be bigger, stronger, richer, and crushing all your goals.

All this is a result of small actions/results coupled with consistency that compounds into MASSIVE results over time.

This “1% momentum” creates an upward spiral of wins.


And, you can’t do that with that “110% effort” mentality.

That’s why giving 110% your all everyday is not actually the most “suitable” advice…

You’ll never crush your goals when you’re too focused on “getting everything right” everyday.

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