It Takes Disciplines

You literally can be anyone you want.

It starts with a firm decision and continues with action and more action.

One of the quotes that I live my daily life by is “firm with my commitment, flexible with my approach” 

This resonates because the journey is almost NEVER smooth.

It’s filled with ups and downs. But if we know wholeheartedly that our commitment will never waver we know we can be victorious. 

So I made that decision to be all in on my fitness journey and personal growth a few years back.

Every day, we see many people eat many more foods that we LOVE. But, we’re in our fitness journey

So… we are in a dilemma, cheat or not cheat?

Of course, many of us didn’t cheat because that would go against everything we stand for here. 

Was it hard? Somewhat.

Will the treats be there after our workout? Absolutely unless the sun stops shining. But in that case, we have bigger problems.

Remind yourself that temporary frustration, sadness, and FOMO (fear of missing out) are part of the human condition. We all go through it at some point. But every time we resist the urge to give in, we get one step closer to our new identity.

After all – your identity is simply a reflection of what your standards are.

Standards… dictate what you think, say, and do on a daily basis.

What you think, say, and do… is the greatest predictor of how you will continue to think, say, and do. More importantly, however, those same things control how we FEEL about ourselves.

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