Are you overcomplicating your fitness goal?


The biggest mistake common people are making on their fitness journey is doing over complicated fitness tactics.

Here’s a couple…

  • Diets
  • Trying new workouts every day or week
  • Buying every supplement they see
  • Following BS fitness Advice
  • Doing NEW fancy exercises they see in workout videos

The problem will all these of why you’re probably not seeing progress in muscle building or fat loss progress.

They have no structure or strategy doing them they are just a bunch of tactics.

If you want want to learn how to get progress don’t try to reinvent the wheel and stick to the fundamentals and basics of fitness.

Progress comes down to 2 things…

– NUTRITION: 75% of your muscle building and fat loss goals comes down to nutrition.

Doesn’t matter what diet you follow or what foods you eat it all comes down to the amount of calories you’re eating for fat loss or gaining weight.

– Training: Is a structured approach to working out that means following a strategy to increase performance and strength.

That means following a specific strategy with your exercises, sets, reps and muscle groups.

Not switching them every week, trying new workouts every time you train or doing different exercises to shock the muscle.

That’s exactly why you’re not progressing.

You are following NO strategy or structure in your Nutrition or Training for your goals.

It’s like trying to aim at a target but you can’t see the target and you don’t know what you’re shooting at.

If you want some structure on exactly what you should do for your transformation and fitness goals.

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