The commitments you make to WIN with your fitness

In no particular order, getting fit for life will require you to…

  • Show up to practice.

This one is huge. To learn your body and optimize your health, you need more reps in the gym and the kitchen. This can’t happen if you don’t show up – which is truly more than half the battle. Extreme consistency is uncommon to be a rare breed and never miss a session or neglect learning how to cook tasty, macro-friendly recipes for yourself.

  • Focus on strength and endurance.

Your health is not a destination. You’ll never arrive and get to a point where you can just chill, eat whatever, and do nothing for weeks, months, or years on end with no consequences. It requires regular maintenance which is why it’s called a fitness journey. Embrace this, build up your mental and physical strength, and have the endurance to keep going when challenges arise.

  • Bring your best self to each day.

You will have days where you feel like you are in a slump or aren’t perfect but that is okay. I have them too and sometimes you do need a day off from the gym or a nice refeed meal to re-energize you. But the biggest thing is to not let one day – regardless of how “good” or “bad” the previous day was – affect how you show up the next. Commit to staying in a growth mindset and adjust your standards accordingly.

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