Things To Stop Doing At The Gym

Stop trying to do a ton of unnecessary, low-quality sets. It’s better to do 10 intense, focused sets than 15 that any old person could do.

Stop throwing around weight you can’t feel. Slow that down, go through a full range of motion, and push yourself to fatigue.

Fatigue isn’t right when it starts hurting or gets hard. You should feel like you maybe have 1–3 more reps left in the tank; otherwise, you can more than likely increase the weight.

These means don’t get comfortable using the same weight as last time. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD whenever possible.

By the last set, you should be pushing to absolute failure (if it can be performed safely).

By failure, I mean you LITERALLY can’t push out another rep if you wanted to.

Lastly, it’s ESSENTIAL to have a pre-workout routine that hypes you up. Watch a motivational video, throw on some dubstep, take a dry scoop to the dome and visualize what you’re working for.

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