Whose fault is it?

Is it OUR faults why we’re experiencing failure in our life?

It’s sometimes hard to accept that we are the reason why our life is where it’s at right now.

It takes responsibility and extreme ownership to admit that.

We always want to blame others, blame circumstances and blame things accept for blaming ourselves.

A couple for me,

My business isn’t growing because of me,

I don’t have time because I sleep in and hit the snooze alarm because of me,

I’m not financially where I want to be at because I haven’t been focusing on putting in work and fixing my business because of me.

I’m stressed out because of my own choices that I’m choosing to make.

See at the end of the day every single outcome starts with us.

There’s a universal law compound and effect.

For every action there’s a reaction.

If you’re not taking the right positive actions there’s not going to be the right positive reactions it’s going to be the opposite.

It’s important we figure out the things and identify what we want to take responsibility for and take the necessary steps and actions to fix them.

We have the power to control our outcomes we just need to make sure we are taking the right positive actions.

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