Let’s have a fit body, today!

The most sustainable way lose fat & be shredded for life 

If you want sustainable results long-term with your fitness goals you need to ask yourself these questions.

How do you fit fitness into my lifestyle and not my lifestyle around fitness?

Here are five ways to be able to fit fitness into your lifestyle in the most sustainable way for results long-term.

  • Calories in vs calories out. Eat less calories than burn per day and you will lose fat. This is know as a calorie deficit burn or eat less than 250-500 calories per day to lose 1lb per week.
  • Keep your diet sustainable: Don’t starve yourself, follow fad diet or eat the same foods everyday. Include foods you like and love for long term progress and adherence.
  • Track your food intake: Use my fitness pal to track your daily food and macro intake. I recommend weighing food with a scale to get a 100% accurate calorie intake.
  • Eat high volume foods and low calorie snacks. This will keep you full longer eating more food with less calories.
  • If you had to ask yourself this “Could you imagine eating like this for the rest of your life?” If the answer is NO you probably should be eating like that it’s over restrictive and will lead to failure and is unsustainable.

Let’s try to implement all these strategies in your lifestyle and see how that could lead to better progress, long term results and sustainability for the rest of your life.

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