Tips To Handle Your Diet Properly

If you’re trying to lose fat, when is it time to stop cutting and focus on gaining muscle?

Chances are if you are currently dieting or have dieted before, you can probably relate to the feeling of never feeling like you’re lean enough. We see ourselves every day and continuously increase our expectations so it’s normal.

So, if we never feel lean enough, when is it time to stop cutting? This will depend on your goals and learning the proper habits. Some other nonphysical indicators are that you’re feeling run down, you’re always hungry, you’re getting irritated easily, you feel heavy, and you’re losing strength. You are just mentally done with cutting…even if you don’t think you’re as lean as you were hoping. 

It’s all about a professional approach. Here are a few tips with food:

✅ Plan your meals out in advance and make adjustments accordingly. 

✅ Make some of your favorite foods macro-friendly to sprinkle into the overall nutrition plan by editing the ingredients… some of them you can’t even tell the difference.

✅ Give yourself several refeed meals throughout the week but make sure not to go overboard. Typically, on an average week, you can eat out 1-3 times and then make about 40 meals at home. During these meals, don’t track anything… just enjoy the food! Bonus tip: consume your refeed meals on days when you train a lagging muscle group.

Stay hydrated to feel great, digest food better, and be more easily able to sense when you’re full. A lot of times dehydration can trick you into thinking you are hungry when you are simply thirsty.

✅ Last, but not least, always stay active. Either lift or do some cardio/abs on your active rest day. This keeps the metabolism firing at all times.

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