Top 3 Tips To Stay Fit

It’s difficult to maintain leanness year round but we should never let go of the fitness completely. Body composition is extremely important not just for aesthetic reasons or social media, but to make sure that our health is on point.

Below are the top 3 tips to help you stay lean and fit year-round:

Tip #1: Overprepare. For those of you that been on your fitness journey for a long time, you probably understand the importance of preparation. And quite frankly, it’s the biggest change you’ve probably seen in yourself since starting your training. You have to prepare to win or else you’re preparing to fail!

Tip #2: take the time to learn.

Without investing in a course, coach, or doing your own personal due diligence online, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll have the tools and expertise required to shortcut your results. Learning is essential to growth with your fitness journey when we feel competent in a certain arena, we are more likely to enjoy it!

Tip #3: fuel your mind to stay sharp, motivated, and hungry for sustained progress. Your body can’t go where your mind doesn’t flow. Your brain is the most powerful thing in your body so we need to flex our mindset and fill our cups up with positivity daily. 

Is it okay to get frustrated, annoyed, or upset sometimes? Absolutely… we’re all human but try to consciously do more of the things that put you in a good headspace and less of the things that irk you daily. The trick is to try to stay as humble, level-headed, and mentally clear as possible so your mindset is not the reason you fail to execute your plans.

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