Life is A rollercoaster ride

The path of self-discovery is filled with twists and turns that will take you to many places.

Some of these places we’ve resisted for years, decades, for some a lifetime.

Places, where we don’t want to look, are where we find the most important lessons.

In these places, there are feelings we don’t want to feel and this is where we experience the full range of our emotions.

In the darkness, in our shadows, is where we find our light.

You might have been exploring places that you have avoided for far too long. 

It could be your first time stepping into the gym, your first time lifting weight, or starting the first step of your fat loss or fitness journey.

It’s scary and painful, and on the other side of it is liberation.

We might not be through it yet, and not sure we ever are.

The deeper we go, the more layers we discover.

For those resisting to meet their shadow side, remember this “the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek”.

It’s a beautiful rollercoaster ride, this thing called life. And we should gradually learn to let go and fully enjoy and embrace all of its ups and downs.

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